Kadiddlehoppers were born in the early 197Øs when three of the 7.253.5Ø mobile operators going about their travels were kibitzing each other on their radios, when another voice came in and stated “you guys sound like a bunch of Kadiddlehoppers”.  Steve-KØROD claimed number one, Jeff-K4KBM claimed number two and Walt-WBØMFS claimed number three.  Of course the term Kadiddlehopper came from the broadcast radio character played by Red Skelton in the 194Øs.  Fear of infringing on the rights to the name Kadiddlhopper prompted contact through a relative of Sue-WB5MWO, actor Milton Berle  as to how to obtain permission to use the name.  Permission was granted with pleasure and Mr. Skelton, even tough he was not an amateur radio operator himself, was issued honorary member number 1ØØØ.

The Picnics were started in 1979 following the conventions one each year, the first one being in August, later holding two, one in May and one in September as they are to this date. KH Picnics at Twin Bridges started by KFØB Albert Tourtelotte and KFØC-Charlie Holt in 1979

Conventions were thought to be held prior to 1979  in Kansas City, Springfield MO and  Memphis TN.  Complete information is not readily available at this time.